Road Safety

As the auto club representing over 200,000 Members in Manitoba, we find it imperative to be a leader in road safety issues in our province. We want to make our roads safer for ALL road users, and at all walks of life.

Road Safety Quick Links

Impaired Driving

Keep yourself and others safe by choosing not to drive impaired!

Distracted Driving

Drive safe! Learn about distracted driving laws in Manitoba.

Children & Pets In Vehicles

Leaving children and pets unattended in your car in extreme weather can be deadly.

Car Seat Safety

Everything from provincial car seat rules to used seat disposal.

School Zone Safety

Tips for safe driving in school zones. Plus our annual school zone safety reports.

Maturing Drivers

Tools, tips and information useful for maturing drivers and their families.

Auto Theft Protection

What you can do to protect your investment.


Information about cycling and road safety.

Driving Tips

Useful tips and techniques to keep your vehicle operating safely.

Slow Down, Move Over

Learn about the "Slow Down, Move Over" law.

Emergency Preparedness

Useful tips and items you need to stay safe in an emergency.

Horse & Driver Safety

Learn how to share the road with horses.