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CAA April 11, 2023

CAA Member Janet purchased travel essentials for her trip to Mexico at her local CAA Store.

AN EXCEPTIONAL SHOPPING EXPERIENCE I was shopping alone at a CAA Store and asked for assistance from the staff. They were incredibly helpful, kind and accommodating. Four different staff members helped me select items and shared useful information for my upcoming trip to Mexico. They made helpful suggestions on equipment based on the information I provided. They even agreed to give me opinions on which clothing looked best. I spent approximately $450 due to the positive and supportive atmosphere. This was one of the best shopping experiences ever.

RENEWING MY MEMBERSHIP IN A TIME OF NEED I have been with CAA for a long time. However, since I moved to Moose Jaw, Sask., I dropped it for no reason. Last year, while I was in Winnipeg, I needed you again. Even with no membership coverage at that time, you sent me service and helped me renew my membership again. Many thanks to CAA and to Adam who helped me out.

For many years, we’ve used CAA for in-person vacation planning services, including online discounts at hotels. Last winter, we made good use of the car booster service. Yesterday, I shopped in the store and the service was quick and friendly. Thanks for being there on cold winter days.

I went on a road trip with family and friends to Montreal, Que. It was nice to know that CAA would be there, just in case.

I always get terrific service with my CAA travel agent, Christine. I am travelling on my own to another province, and she has made sure I am safe and organized for my trip. I love being a CAA Member.

We buy CAA yearly memberships for our daughter, son and his wife. It gives us tremendous peace of mind knowing they have this valuable tool at their disposal.

One new-ish perk, which I really appreciate, is the discount offered at various restaurants. My husband and I make use of it at Swiss Chalet on a weekly basis. It is our date night out.

CAA is your best friend when you have car trouble. Over the years, they have unlocked my car, charged my battery and provided me with gas when I ran on empty. A lifesaver.

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