Congratulations to the winners!

CAA Members are taking advantage of the CAA Rewards® program to save money and earn valuable CAA Dollars® in many ways. Thank you to the many Members who entered our "Tell Us Your Rewards Story" contest. Kerilyn Zelinski won our grand prize: a travel package valued at over $4,000! Twenty other members won their choice of a $50 The Ultimate Dining Card® or a $50 DOMO gas certificate. When you read their stories, we hope you are inspired to shop with our CAA Rewards Partners to earn and save. Start creating your own CAA Rewards stories today!

Tell Us Your Rewards Story Winners.

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Grand prize winner.

Kerilyn Zielenski.
My family are true Winnipeggers and of course we root for our hometown teams! My three children (aged 10, 8, and 7) had been asking to go to a professional hockey game. As a single parent, I have to make careful decisions about how I spend money, especially when it comes to entertainment. I had to say “no,” multiple times. I was sad because I wanted to give them that type of experience. I was on the CAA website one day to enter a contest and came across information about CAA Night at a Manitoba Moose game! I was able to purchase tickets at an incredible price. The kids were so excited! Before we left for the game, they put their birthday money into their pockets so they could purchase popcorn and drinks at the arena. Dressed in hand me down jerseys and toques, we found our seats, which were in row 8 at centre ice. Perfect! The kids loved the energy of the game and the kid-friendly atmosphere was contagious. By the end of the game they were dancing and trying to see their faces on the big screen. At the end of the game we stayed to be part of the photo of CAA members on the ice. The kids thought it was so cool (no pun intended) to be on the ice where the hockey players had just been flying around! A highlight of the night was having their photo taken with Mick E. Moose. Thank you CAA for such a fun experience! We will be able to attend another game this season because of the fabulous member discount.

Secondary prize winners.

Brad Ward.
My daughter wanted a pair of Beats headphones. We shopped around and discovered they were priced the same at every store, but I remembered CAA Members receive a discount at The Source. Considering the headphones were $300, the 20% I saved simply by showing my CAA card was substantial. The primary reason we have the CAA membership is for automotive services such as towing, boosting, tire issues and so on, but that day, I was very happy to use my membership card for something else! I’m pleased to see how many partnerships CAA has forged with local businesses. It doesn’t take long to make your CAA membership pay off!
As our 25th anniversary approached, my husband and I realized our very well used and weathered deck was nearly 25 years old itself, so a renovation project began. After rebuilding some areas, adding some current style to its design, stripping the old stain and preparing the cedar wood for a new coat it was time to buy some new stain. Where else would I go but to Dulux Paints? We loved the results so much I returned to Dulux this past summer to purchase more stain to freshen it up again. We couldn’t be happier with the product and the discount we were able to get with our CAA Membership, WOW! Thank you CAA.
I love going on date nights with my significant other. When you have a family, date nights are sometimes few and far between because they can be expensive. When my birthday arrived, my significant other surprised me with Celebrations Dinner Theatre tickets! CAA made those show tickets so much more affordable with the 25% discount. We had a fantastic time and a great dinner!
Christine McBride.
Our story isn’t about saving on beautiful vacations or jetting off to faraway places using CAA Rewards, though I know those are two things that CAA does phenomenally! It’s about practicality. We switched to the CAA MasterCard a couple of years ago and have never looked back! Being able to earn CAA Dollars on things like gas, groceries, haircuts, basically anything you can purchase on your credit card, means we earn those CAA Dollars really fast! Now here’s where the practical part comes in. We use those CAA Dollars we’ve earned throughout the year towards our membership. It’s great to have those extra savings to help with our budget goals. Those extra savings can go toward saving for a vacation. A vacation that we will plan with the help of the lovely folks at CAA Travel! Chicago, New York, Disney World, Churchill, the possibilities are endless!
Colleen Ashby.
My Dad purchased my first CAA membership in 1989. Not only has my CAA membership given me peace of mind on the road and discounts on hotels, it lets me treat my folks to fantastic entertainment year-round. My Mom and I love the arts and enjoy the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and Manitoba Opera. My Dad is a sports enthusiast and has been a fan of the Winnipeg Goldeyes since he watched them as a young boy in the original Northern League in the ‘50s and ‘60s! Treating my Dad to a Goldeyes game with my CAA discount is extra special as he has that history and connection to the team. He also enjoys the Manitoba Moose and CAA Rewards has us covered there as well. Thank you CAA for being an important part of our family and in helping us create memories. You’ve made me daughter of the year!
This past August my husband, son and I vacationed in Nova Scotia. When we arrived at the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 in Halifax, we were asked if anyone had a CAA card to receive the discounted entrance fee. My heart sank as I had left the card at home to try to thin out my wallet. But then my son—who I added to my CAA membership after he received his drivers’ license this year—said he had his card with him! I was so thankful he thought to bring it. It was a good reminder my CAA card should always be with me. As an added bonus, I was able to get details on my grandparents’ arrival to Canada. Thanks CAA!
In 2019 I had both bathrooms renovated. Purchases of fixtures, flooring and tile were done with Home Depot through CAA online. I earned enough CAA Dollars that I only had to pay $9.58 on my 2019 membership.
My story starts with my family. My daughter and her husband have two beautiful daughters. They are both working but when it comes to family time entertainment, activities can be tough on the wallet. In the past I have been able to purchase Manitoba Moose tickets at a very significant discount through CAA. They were able to attend and, like me, are very thankful for my membership. Thank you CAA!
Elaine Kienlen.
I needed new glasses but was put off getting them due to the overall cost. As a retired senior, I do not have eyeglass coverage in a health plan. In a recent CAA Manitoba Magazine, I was reminded there is a discount on glasses at Loblaw Optical in Superstore. I was very happy with the selection and fulfilled my prescription. With the discount it was very affordable. I can see so much better with my new glasses and have had many “ah hah” moments. I really appreciate this Reward.
Faye Lawson.
Our grandson Elias is a big Manitoba Moose fan. I was contemplating what to get him for Christmas when I received an email from CAA asking me “if I had my tickets yet” and discovered CAA offers a discount on Manitoba Moose tickets. I was very surprised to see we could get tickets regularly priced at $39.00 for $15.50. We were even more surprised to find the seats were right behind the players’ bench. We also gave him a Manitoba Moose t-shirt from Jets Gear. Thank you so very much CAA!!!
When we are flying out on a one or two-week vacation, we leave our vehicle with Park ‘N Fly. Being able to park our vehicle where we know it will be safe and secure is convenient and hassle-free. Add to that the fact showing our CAA card earns us a 20% discount as well as some CAA Dollars, we can’t go wrong! It’s a win-win-win situation!
We recently retired and have the opportunity to travel more often now. CAA Travel has helped us book our vacations. We’ve also become the “airport transport” for family so we appreciate the discount on Winnipeg Richardson International Airport Parking. This may seem small, but the 20% discount adds up when you frequent the airport as often as we do. I can't say that we are planning a trip with our savings but it does take some of the bite out of paying for parking at the airport. You don't mind going a bit early to be there when your company comes down the escalator to recieve a welcoming hug! Thanks for adding this reward to the many services, savings and rewards CAA has to offer.
I love filling up at DOMO! Not only do they literally “Jump to the Pump,” but I also earn CAA Dollars! It saves me money on gas and saves me money towards mg CAA membership. This past year my CAA membership was invaluable as I needed to call for automotive assistance multiple times. Th CAA staff are so pleasant to deal with. It really makes me happy to be a CAA member, saving money and having security and peace of mind.
Janice Cournoyer.
I have been a CAA Member for many years, but never used my card to receive discounts or Rewards. I picked up a CAA Rewards booklet at the Travel Expo and now keep it in my purse so I can check to see if a business is a CAA Partner. We painted our house and bought the paint at Dulux. We fill up at DOMO. We’ve seen shows at Rainbow Stage and saw Cirque du Soleil’s Amaluna with our grandchildren thanks to CAA. And the CAA Dollars we collect help reduce the cost of our CAA membership.
It was on our first trip to Salt Lake City, Utah to visit my youngest sister and her family when we found the true value of a CAA Membership! The peace of mind of being able to call upon CAA anywhere in Canada and the United States if we had any difficulties on the road made the trip less stressful. We also took advantage of the savings by staying at Best Western hotels throughout the trip. The CAA Dollars we earned along the way went towards covering our annual membership. The ease of booking with Best Western and making reservation changes when necessary made every booking worry-free. We’ll never travel without our CAA Membership.
Mary Wu.
Be it for roadside service, a new battery, CAA Dollars, or Member discounts, CAA is a service I trust and have used often over the years. Every vacation starts with a visit to CAA for needed road maps and attraction and accommodation guides. Our recent trip to the East Coast allowed us to stay at Days Inn and use an Enterprise car rental at membership discount pricing. Other trips allowed us to enjoy discounts with VIA Rail, attractions and hotels. Closer to home, we love the discounts with Reitmans, Montana's, Cloverdale Paint, Jets Gear, and many more CAA Partners.
I’ve often received better prices at hotels with my CAA card, which is always appreciated, but my story is about unexpected savings I received. I was shopping at Pennington’s and when I went to pay, I was asked if I was a CAA member. I received a 15 % discount on a bill that was over $100. That was more than a $15 saving when I didn’t expect it. It made my day! Thanks CAA!
I have been a CAA Member since 1997 and have enjoyed the many rewards this membership has to offer. I also have a CAA MasterCard which also collects CAA Dollars. I purchase “everything” on my CAA MasterCard and the points rack up. I show my CAA card and get discounts at the hotels when we travel. With my CAA dollars I have purchased merchandise from CAA Store locations for myself and as gifts for friends and family. The CAA Dollars I accrue also pay for my Premier membership each year. I currently have $938.14 CAA Dollars on my account. This is an awesome rewards card and I have encouraged many friends and family to join.
Shelly Spokes.
In March 2019 I lost one of my hearing aids and contacted Connect Hearing who informed me CAA Members receive benefits with their company. At the time, I was not a CAA Member. The cost of purchasing a CAA membership to receive those benefits was a no brainer. I had no idea CAA had so many Rewards Partners! When my husband and I traveled to Banff and stayed at the Rimrock Resort Hotel, we received a significant discount on our accommodation. As far as travel insurance goes, CAA has a very liberal pre-existing health conditions clause and this feature allowed me to join my husband on a Caribbean winter vacation. We also saved 10% on the purchase price of our travel health insurance. In just four short months, we saved $558 with CAA and its Partners.
Stan Skrypetz.
I saved 15% at Santa Lucia Pizza using my CAA card! I ordered two 13” pepperoni pizzas and saved $5.25! I brought the pizzas home to my wife and two young grandsons. They smelled and tasted delicious. Santa Lucia does not skimp on the toppings either. Thank you CAA for saving my family money so we can buy more pizzas from Santa Lucia Pizza using our CAA card!
My husband Andy and I just celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary and our middle son and his wife gave us The Ultimate Dining Card so we could go out and celebrate! We went to East Side Mario's in Brandon (great place by the way!). We used our CAA card to get a discount on our bill, used our gift card, and paid the balance with our CAA Mastercard and collected CAA dollars as well! It was a great evening! I also recently took my niece to see Cinderella at Rainbow Stage and saved money on our tickets. What a fantastic and magical show! Thank you CAA for all the great ways we can save money! Keep up the good work!