Don't Get Burned.

CAA Magazine May 01, 2020

Cottage fire safety tips.

Photo showing a chalet-style cabin lit up at night.

Cottage in the woods.

A cottage in the woods is an idyllic getaway, but don't let it become fuel for a fire.

Maintain a perimeter around your cottage free of trees and brush. Bolster this firebreak with lawn space, flowerbeds and hardscaping, like a patio, stone wall or gravel path.

Rustic cedar shake shingles are highly flammable; consider replacing them with fire-resistant materials like ceramic or metal. Keep the roof and eavestroughs clear of overhanging branches and combustible debris such as pine needles and dead leaves.

Fuel storage.
Stack firewood at least 10 metres from your cottage. Store propane cylinders outside and in the shade, but not under wood decks or porches.

Plan ahead.
Keep at least one fully charged fire extinguisher available in case of flare-ups at the barbecue, fireplace or stove. Create a fire-safety plan and practise it with your whole family.

Insure it.
Make sure your policy is up to date, reflecting any recent renovations. (Uncertain of your coverage? Contact your insurance broker.) And maintain an inventory of your cottage's contents, in the event that you need to make a claim.

Cottage Insurance.

Relax, we've got you covered.