Bike Assist

An exclusive to CAA Members!

CAA Bike Assist is emergency road service for your bicycle. If you run into a problem that cannot be fixed on the spot, CAA will transport* you and your bicycle home, to a bike repair shop of your choice, or to our preferred repair partner, Olympia Cycle & Ski at 326 St. Mary’s Rd.

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*The same towing distance limits that apply to towing vehicles will apply to transporting bikes. However, towing limits within Winnipeg city limits are waived to take you and your bike to Olympia Cycle & Ski at 326 St. Mary’s Road.

Need a Rescue?

For Emergency Road Service in Winnipeg:
Call 204–262–6000

Elsewhere in Manitoba, Canada or the US:
Call 1–800–CAA–HELP (1–800–222–4357)

Cell users can call *222® (*CAA®), toll–free, anywhere in North America.