A newlywed couple kissing at a wedding ceremony.

Why you need to book your destination wedding or honeymoon with CAA Travel.

When you book your celebration with CAA Travel, we treat you like family

We know that our most precious moments are with family and friends and we take pride in planning that special event just for you.

Let us do the shopping for you; it’s no secret that group travel often translates into savings.

With CAA Travel, you will also receive EXCLUSIVE group services you won’t find anywhere else.

Book with us and receive our exclusive wedding package free:

  • Customized save the date invitations with envelopes
  • Resort FAQ sheet to give out to your guests
  • Three piece luggage set*

Save the date invitations.

Our new and improved save the date invitations in four unique designs.

CAA Travel gift registry.

Already have all the dishes and appliances you need? Or would you like to give your guests another gift option?

A couple looking out at the ocean.

Sign up for CAA Travel Bridal Registry and allow your guests to help contribute towards your dream honeymoon.

There is no additional charge to set up a CAA Travel bridal registry and no additional fee to your guests who contribute to your registry. Our program provides you with an easy way to help pay for the honeymoon of your dreams.

A newlywed couple standing on a beach.

How it works:

  • Begin planning your honeymoon with a CAA Travel consultant
  • You will then receive registry cards to enclose in your shower invitations to let guests know that they can contribute to your honeymoon as a gift
  • Guests can call or visit any CAA Manitoba service center to make a contribution
  • Guests will then receive a voucher that they can personalize and present to you as a shower or wedding gift.

Let CAA Travel be your wedding planner!