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CAA Rewards' Dining Partners are cooking up some exciting offers for CAA Members. If you're a CAA Member, you can save at select restaurants by swiping your CAA Membership card.

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With families staying at home due to COVID-19, restaurant takeout or delivery may be an option to take a break from cooking while adding variety to your next meal. Remember to follow each restaurant's social distancing practices for takeout and delivery. Other safe ways to receive delivery include:

  • Avoid direct handover of food, arrange 'knock, drop and go' deliveries
  • Pay over the phone or online if possible
  • Avoid touching your face when handling takeout containers, wash hands immediately after

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Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, these offers are available at the local restaurants listed above as well as at participating New York Fries, Swiss Chalet, Harvey's, Montana's, Fionn MacCool's and East Side Mario's restaurants across Canada.

Simply advise your server and present your valid CAA Membership card before ordering.

Without a valid CAA Membership card, these restaurants cannot validate if a Member is eligible to receive the offer. Unfortunately, the offer is not available without a valid CAA Membership card.