Motorcycle Rescue

For everywhere you go today - even on your motorcycle

Motorcycle coverage from the brand you trust.

Included with CAA Plus, Plus RV, Premier and Premier RV Membership: All Emergency Road Services can be offered for your motorcycle* or scooter. If towing is required, CAA can transport the motorcycle to a service facility in a specifically designed trailer for motorcycles and scooters (on a first-come, first serve basis).

Note: You must be at or near your vehicle when the driver arrives. In order to receive service, the roadside service provider will also need to see your photo ID.

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*Motorcycles with or without sidecar are covered under CAA Plus and Premier coverage. However, due to differences in service terms in the U.S., Members should expect to pay for service provided to motorcycles while travelling in the U.S. and may submit their original receipts to CAA Manitoba for reimbursement.

Need a Rescue?

For Emergency Road Service in Winnipeg:
Call 204–262–6000

Elsewhere in Manitoba, Canada or the US:
Call 1–800–CAA–HELP (1–800–222–4357)

Cell users can call *222® (*CAA®), toll–free, anywhere in North America.