CAA Manitoba is the voice of more than 200,000 Manitobans. That’s 25 per cent of all drivers in Manitoba. From our earliest days, CAA has been about presenting our Members with the latest and best information, and about representing their needs and interests.

We have been instrumental in pushing for new or improved legislation, like our Slow Down, Move Over campaign, all-inclusive pricing for travel advertising and lowering speed limits in school zones. The power of our voice can be heard throughout Manitoba – in schools, industry, business and government.

We’ve lobbied for better roads and drivers’ rights and we continue those campaigns today, as well as speaking out on behalf of all travelers, property owners and consumers alike.

We group our current education and public policy efforts under five pillars — safety, environment, mobility, infrastructure and consumer protection. CAA Manitoba takes these issues very seriously, and regularly communicates with all levels of government about these issues.