Government Relations

We are heavily engaged with governments of all levels and maintain consistent dialogue to present the voices of over 203,000 Members. We have been a part of a number of government consultations and committees and continue to work with many agencies.


  • Slow Down, Move Over
    • Championed legislation changes to Slow Down, Move Over to include tow truck drivers.
  • Electric Vehicles
    • Participated in the Government of Manitoba advisory committee about the adoption of electric vehicles.
    • Participated in the launch of the Province of Manitoba’s first-ever charging station at the Forks in May 2014.
  • Safe work for construction workers
    • Consulted on legislation to remove “When Workers Present” on construction signage to make it clearer for motorists – if you’re in a construction zone, slow down.
  • City of Winnipeg transportation planning
    • Involved in consultations for the Polo Park renewal project.
    • Involved with Winnipeg’s active transportation planning.
  • Automotive shop legislation
    • Worked with the Government of Manitoba to create legislation to protect consumers when dealing with automotive garages. This legislation was modelled off of our AARS program.
  • Travel consultation
    • In 2012, CAA Travel consulted with the Government of Manitoba about regulating the travel industry.


  • Yielding Right of Way to Snow Plows (chaired by Manitoba Heavy Construction)
  • Active and Safe Routes to School (chaired by Green Action Centre)
  • Active Transportation Public Stakeholder Advisory Committee (hosted by Government of Manitoba)
  • Capital Region Transportation Master Plan (hosted by MIT)