Cars driving at night, blurred lights from taillights.

Standing up for road safety.

As a long-standing advocate for road safety, CAA Manitoba is continuing to monitor new developments and discussions around cannabis to fully understand its impact on Manitoba's roads. With the landscape evolving, we will continue to push for road safety education and awareness to be at the forefront.

Marijuana lying on a table next to car keys.

Effects of cannabis on driving.

The most common misconceptions are that cannabis doesn’t affect your driving or that it can make you a better driver. But the reality is that using cannabis increases the risk of getting into a motor vehicle collision.

Cannabis is second only to alcohol as the drug most frequently found among drivers involved in crashes, and drivers charged with impaired driving. It is also the substance most frequently mixed with alcohol in vehicle crashes.

Driving while under the influence of cannabis affects your:

Bi-directional sign


Stop watch

Reaction time.

Slippery road

Ability to pay attention.

Make a decision

Decision-making abilities.

From a to b

Ability to judge distances.

Prevent impaired driving: Plan a safe way home.

Given what we know about the effects of cannabis on driving ability, make sure you're prepared with alternate ways to get home if you plan to consume cannabis or alcohol.

In Manitoba, it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and drugs, including cannabis.

You have options.

Designated driver

Have a designated driver.

Call someone

Call a friend or loved one.

Cab taxi

Call a cab or ride-share.


Take public transit.


Stay over and sleep it off.