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What to Do if You Are Involved in a Car Collision

Be prepared if your travels take an unexpected turn. Collisions can cause a lot of stress and confusion. Be prepared, be cautious, be safe and follow our tips should you get involved in a collision.
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1. If you are injured, don’t move; stay in your vehicle. Your first course of action is to ensure your safety and the safety of any others who may have been involved.

2. Call 911 immediately if someone is injured or if you think the other driver may be guilty of a criminal offence.

3. Follow instructions given to you by the emergency services on the phone and on the scene.

4. When it’s safe, move your vehicle over to the right side of the road, so that other traffic can pass. Turn on your hazard lights and use warning triangles or flares if available.

5. Record details of the collision. Include the time, date and location, speed of your vehicle, weather and road conditions. Once you are in a safe location, take photos of the scene with your mobile device, or draw a sketch of it.

6. In the event of collision, exchange information with the other party (or parties). Use the accident report form provided by Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) as a guide. Report the collision to MPI as soon as you can.

NOTE: Even if you have no damage from the collision, you should still report.

7. Reporting. To report your collision, call MPI:

When reporting the collision, you’ll need the following information:

  • your vehicle registration
  • the driver’s licence of whoever was driving your vehicle
  • details about the collision (where, when and how it happened)
  • details about any other vehicles and drivers involved
  • witness information (if any).

If you’re claiming damage, an MPI representative will take a preliminary report from you and advise on next steps including filing a police report.

Important Numbers

Police and Ambulance


Manitoba Public Insurance Claims


CAA Roadside Assistance


Winnipeg: 204-262-6000

Cell: *222

Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.