A car key in the ignition of a vehicle.

Protect your keys.

The majority of auto thefts occur due to keys being left in the ignition or elsewhere in the vehicle.

Since 2007, vehicles manufactured for sale in Canada required an immobilizer to be installed at the factory prior to distribution for sale. Protecting your keys and ensuring your vehicle is equipped with an immobilizer is the best way to keep your vehicle safe.

To view MPI and CAA’s joint news release on auto theft and protecting your vehicle keys click here.

What can you do?

  • Eliminate temptation: Don't leave belongings, expensive items, CDs, change or any other valuables in plain view. Remember the old saying: Out of sight - out of mind. (Here's a good tip from one of our Members: she covers her daily purchases and other items that can be seen in the rear space of her hatchback with an inexpensive, disposable tablecloth.)
  • Be streetwise: If you're parking in a high-risk neighbourhood, put your valuables in the trunk before you get there. Thieves will readily target your vehicle if they see you tuck away your goods and then walk away.
  • Mark it: Have your removable stereo and other valuables in the vehicle engraved with an easily-identifiable code, such as your licence number.
  • See the light: Park in a well-lit spot. Vehicles parked in a dark, secluded location can be more susceptible to auto theft as a thief is not as likely to be noticed when breaking into a car. Also avoid parking behind hedges, fences and other obstructions.
  • Take it, don't leave it: Take your insurance certificate & garage door opener with you and never leave them in your car. Your insurance certificate has your address on it and your garage door opener provides a thief with a way to get in. Keep your spare keys in your wallet, not in the vehicle.