CAA Arbitration Services

In the rare situation where a dispute over repairs arises, Members have CAA to act on their behalf with the shop.

Fair, fast, free and final!

Every facility has agreed by contract to accept CAA as an independent and final authority on any dispute with Members over work performed.

If you have concerns about the service you’ve received at an Approved Auto Repair Services facility, feel free to contact us at 204-262-6176 or 1-800-222-4357. By email, contact:

A fully qualified mechanic will investigate your concern and arbitrate a binding decision.

You can learn more by reading the Approved Auto Repair Service Code of Ethics.

Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan.

The Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan (CAMVAP) is the largest consumer product arbitration plan in Canada. It’s designed to help consumers resolve disputes with vehicle manufacturers or distributors.
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What can CAMVAP do?

CAMVAP will help you resolve disputes with an automotive manufacturer on two main issues:
  • The quality of your vehicle.
  • How the manufacturer interprets or implements its New Vehicle Warranty.
CAMVAP arbitration can award:
  • repairs to your vehicle
  • buyback of your vehicle
  • reimbursement for repairs already made
  • limited out-of-pocket expenses, up to $500.00
  • no liability on behalf of the manufacturer

When you agree to CAMVAP arbitration, it means that both you and the car manufacturer will accept the decision of an impartial person.

You can contact CAMVAP at 1-800-207-0685, or visit the CAMVAP website.

A driver wearing a plaid shirt sitting in his vehicle with his seat belt on.

An alternative to court.

You have a choice on how to settle your dispute: court or CAMVAP.

Choose wisely, and be aware that when you use one, you will no longer be eligible to use the other.

Weigh the pros and cons of each carefully, and compare your alternatives closely. The range of awards through CAMVAP may be more or less than those of the court.

An arbitrator will schedule a hearing to listen to both sides of the case, weigh the evidence, and make a decision.