Battery Maintenance Tips

A number of factors will affect the performance of your battery including extreme heat, extreme cold, age and the number of electronic options on your vehicle powered by the battery. Here is some helpful information about batteries:

  • Caution: When working with vehicle batteries, always ensure you are using protective eyewear and hand wear!
  • Poorly fitted or undersized batteries can cause serious harm to a vehicle’s electronic system and lead to costly repairs. Ensure you have the right battery for your vehicle by calling CAA Battery Service when it’s time for a replacement.
  • The average life span of most batteries is about four years, depending on weather, usage, etc. If your battery is more than four years old, have it tested.
  • Check your battery and charging system seasonally. CAA Battery Service can do a "load test" to ensure your battery is generating a sufficient charge on below–freezing days. If it fails the test, replace the battery.
  • Repeated attempts to start your vehicle in freezing temperatures can be especially harmful. This type of discharge will cause the battery to freeze, the plates to touch, and the battery to short out.
  • Never store defective batteries or dispose with regular garbage. Batteries contain hazardous materials. Call CAA Battery Service for information about proper disposal.
  • Visually inspect the battery on a regular basis to ensure the top is clean and dry. A buildup of white powder (corrosion) on the battery can block the flow of electrical current and needs to be cleaned. Call CAA Battery Service and we will clean the battery while testing it.