A photographer holding a camera taking a picture of a person.

Passport photos.

Black & white or colour passport photos are processed while you wait – just drop in to any CAA Store!

Classic Members:
$9.95 for a set of 2 photos.

Plus & Plus RV Members:
1 free set per year.

Premier & Premier RV Members:
2 free sets per year.

$12.95 for a set of 2 photos.

Passport applications & information.

Passport application form.

Passport applications are available at all CAA Stores. You may also obtain an application at any passport office, postal outlet, or from Passport Canada online.

Travel reminder:
Your passport should have at least six months of validity if you're traveling internationally and should also be valid beyond your planned return date.

Passports for children.

All children require a valid Canadian passport and supporting identification, such as a birth certificate or citizenship card.

Find out more from Passport Canada.

Please Note: CAA Stores are not equipped to provide passport photos for children aged 3 and under.

Canadians travelling to/from the USA by land & sea.

Canadian citizens are required to present a valid passport, a NEXUS card, or other acceptable document when entering the U.S. by land or water. See some useful information about crossing the Canada-US border provided by the Canada Border Services Agency.

The government of Manitoba is offering the Enhanced Identification Card (EIC) to Manitobans, as a less-expensive alternative to a passport. Learn more about the EIC and other identification cards at Manitoba Public Insurance.

Canadians travelling to/from the USA by air.

Canadian and U.S. citizens are required to present a valid passport when traveling by air between Canada and the United States. This includes Canadians travelling on a cruise who are flying into or through the United States.