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Earth Day

What is Earth Day?

Earth Day is an annual event that takes place in April. Events are held worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection. The first Earth Day was held on April 22, 1970 and has since been adopted by over 192 countries worldwide.

Why does CAA Manitoba take part in Earth Day?

While CAA started as an auto club we have grown into so much more and we recognize the impact that vehicles have on the environment. We also understand that environmental awareness is something that is important to our Members and therefore it’s important to us!

What does CAA Manitoba do to take part in Earth Day?

Every year CAA Manitoba holds an Earth Day weekend, in which we have four of our AARS garages, in Winnipeg, available for the drop off of old tires, used motor oil and car batteries. We do not want these items to end up in a landfill or in our sewer systems so we invite our Members and those who are not yet Members to clean out their sheds and garages! There is no charge to drop off these items and we will ensure they are recycled in an eco-friendly manner! We also take part in the Earth Day celebrations at Fort Whyte and will have a drop off depot at Fort Whyte which will collect used tires and car batteries.

We also hold an Earth Day celebration in Brandon so that Members in the Westman region are also able to drop off old tires, used motor oil and car batteries. A drop off depot for hazardous materials is available to Member and non – Members during the Earth Day celebration. As well CAA in Brandon also offers free battery tests or eco checks of their vehicles during this event.

Earth Day 2016

Our Earth Day event in April 2016 was a big success! Many thanks to everyone who participated!

The Great Battery Roundup

Each year, CAA Manitoba hosts “The Great Battery Roundup” at our branches in celebration of Earth Day Canada. Members and non-Members alike can bring their old car batteries, motor oil and tires to be recycled at no cost to them. Since 2012, we have also included a drop-off depot at FortWhyte Alive.

Some 2013 highlights:

  • Collected 96 tires
  • Collected 89 batteries
  • Collected 983 Litres of oil

To put that into perspective:

  • Four litres of oil can contaminate four million litres of water, equal to about a year’s water supply for 50 people. This amount of oil kept enough water clean for 12,287 people for an entire year.
  • Half a litre of oil can create a slick the size of a football field (Source)
    • That means the amount of oil we collected in 2013 is equal to almost 2,000 football fields.
  • A football field is 5,531 metres square
    • Dauphin lake is 200 square miles
    • Lake Winnipeg is 9,465 square miles
    • Lake Manitoba is 1,785 square miles
    • Lake superior is 31,700 square miles
    • Manitoba is 250,900 square miles
    • Africa is 11,700,000 square miles
    • United states is 3,717,727 square miles
    • Canada is 3,845,082 square miles

Since 2010, CAA Manitoba has collected:

2013 – 96 tires, 89 batteries, 983 L of oil
2012 – 2000 L of oil, 239 tires, 130 batteries
2011 – 75 batteries, 302 L of oil, 45 tires
2010 – 335 batteries


Tires: 380 tires
Batteries: 629 batteries
Oil: 3285 litres of oil

Why is it important to recycle these materials?

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