Your Premium News - March 2021

In this issue: tips on home safety, learn about what Autopac offers, how to choose the right insurance plan and do pets have seasonal allergies.

Home Safety Tips

You’ve purchased home insurance and have your bases covered financially in the event of accident, loss or emergency. But having home insurance shouldn’t be the end of your preparedness. Here are a few safety tips to help you safeguard your home and protect your loved ones:

Keep Track

  • Compiling a home inventory checklist is a great way to assess your belongings. Learn how to create a home inventory list here.
  • Store important documents (wills, insurance policies, mortgage documents, etc.) in a safe-deposit or fireproof box.

Keep it Safe

  • Ensure you have smoke detectors on every floor. Change the batteries at least once a year. A great time to do so is in the spring when you move your clock ahead.
  • Have a working fire extinguisher at the ready, and never leave burning candles or cooking unattended. Clear your dryer’s lint trap with every use.
  • Install a carbon monoxide detector.

Keep it Secure

  • Install a home alarm system and remember to always lock doors and windows. A monitored home alarm system may also lower your insurance premiums – talk to your broker.1
  • A motion detector outside your home is an excellent way to deter burglars.
  • If you’re going to be away, use timers to activate lights and electronics to give the appearance you’re at home. Also ensure that someone can check-in on your house.

Keep it Maintained

  • Have your home’s major systems (heating/furnace, central air, sump pumps, water heater, fireplace, etc.) serviced yearly. Be sure to change/clean HVAC filters every 3 months.
  • As each season arrives, ensure exterior vents are clear of debris, including snow.
  • Clear eavestroughs of leaves and other debris in the fall to prevent ice dams and other issues.

Keep it Covered

  • Review your home insurance regularly to make sure you have the right insurance coverage for your needs. Be sure to talk to your broker if you make any changes such as renovations or big purchases.

Whether you’re at home or on the road, your safety is important to CAA Manitoba, and CAA Manitoba Insurance Brokers wants you and your family to remain safe and well-informed. With common sense and preparation, you can prevent accidents and mishaps. Our brokers are here to help should you have any questions.

Talk to a CAA Manitoba Insurance Broker today about how to protect your home and loved ones.

Get Protected

CAA Members can save up to 10% off property insurance.2

Autopac 101

If you own and drive a vehicle in Manitoba, Basic Autopac insurance is mandatory. Basic Autopac is the minimum amount of coverage you need to keep your vehicle on the road and provides coverage for personal injury, all perils coverage and third-party liability claims.

Basic Autopac Insurance includes (please note that the coverage amounts shown are applicable to policies with an effective date of April 1, 2021, or later).

  • All perils coverage with a $750 deductible
  • $500,000 Third Party Liability
  • $70,000 maximum vehicle insured value
  • Personal injury protection

All-Perils Coverage
Basic all-perils covers accidental damage or loss to your vehicle due to collisions, vandalism, theft, hail, or fire while traveling in Canada or the U.S. The depreciation value of your vehicle is taken into consideration.

Third Party Liability
If your vehicle is involved in an accident that injures someone or damages property anywhere in Canada or the U.S., basic third-party liability covers claims made against you to a maximum of $500,000.

Maximum Insured Value
With basic Autopac coverage, $70,000 is the most any vehicle (cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, mopeds, RVs, trailers and snow machines) can be insured.

Personal Injury Protection
Autopac provides personal injury protection benefits for injury or death caused by an automobile accident. Coverage is provided to all Manitoba residents injured in automobile accidents anywhere in Canada or the U.S. No matter who was at fault in the accident, compensation is guaranteed for all injured Manitobans, with an Income Replacement Indemnity limit of $103,000.

Do you need Optional Auto Insurance Extension Coverage?
While Basic Autopac coverage protects you and your vehicle to a limited extent, you may wish to increase your coverage with Optional Autopac Insurance Extensions. Talk to an Autopac specialist at CAA to determine if Optional Coverage is right for you. Some options include:

  • Decreased deductible ($500, $300, $200, $200 Plus)
  • Increased Maximum Insured Value for vehicles valued over $70,000
  • Auto Loss of Use coverage (guarantees replacement transportation)
  • Third party liability limit increases ($1M, $2M, $5M, $7M or $10M)
  • New/Leased Car Protection (guarantees the full purchase price of the vehicle is protected, including an allowance for inflation, regardless of depreciation. For a maximum of 2 years.)
  • Lay-up protection for vehicles in storage for extended periods
  • Increased income replacement indemnity limit in increments of $10 000 to a limit of $200,000 for a total of $303,000 coverage
  • Collision, comprehensive, third party liability, underinsured motorist protection, and accident benefits coverage for off-road vehicles (including snow machines)

Have questions? Talk to an Autopac specialist at CAA!

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