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Trip cancellation
If there is a Government of Canada travel advisory it could affect your insurance coverage? Be sure to check for Travel Advisories before you purchase your travel insurance and again just before you depart.
Travel insurance
If you are traveling outside of Manitoba for a period longer than 90 days you should apply for a Term Registration Certificate from Manitoba Health to ensure eligibility.
The Canadian Government has a very handy guide for healthy travel tips while you are abroad.
Traveling with insurance takes the guess work out of where you should seek medical care in other countries.
Airplane landing taking off
If you are filing a travel insurance claim, you will be required to provide proof of departure and proof of return.
Policy document
Most travelers know that purchasing Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance protects the financial investment for your trip. Trip Cancellation covers prepaid expenses in case something happens prior to departure.
But what if an emergency situation happens when you have already left on your trip and you need to return home immediately? You could be faced with airfare change fees, or loss of pre-paid accommodations, land excursions and tickets, among other things. This would be covered under your Trip Interruption Insurance.