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New CAA Member Benefit: Cybersecurity powered by cyberconIQ®

Personalized cybersecurity education to ensure your safety in the digital world.
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Why this Member benefit?

Your safety is our top priority. In a recent survey, our Members let us know that cybersecurity is something they are concerned about and see CAA as a trusted source for information and education.

The Member stats.

Smart phone

90% are online more than once a day for activities like banking, social media or instant messaging.


78% are concerned with their online privacy and personal data with 46% being very concerned.

Books and apple

65% are interested in resources or education on online risks.

How does it work?


Answer a short questionnaire to discover your online risk style (5-10 mins).


Receive web-based, personally curated cybersecurity awareness education that includes foundational and security basics modules (10-15 mins each).

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Enjoy a new sense of confidence and awareness of your online experiences at home and at work.