There's something immensely satisfying in going somewhere few have tread. If you want something a little different, test your limits in the Far North. For those who aren't afraid of a challenge, the rewards are plentiful and awe-inspiring.

Must-see sights.

Unique experiences await travellers in the northern recesses of the world. Find adventure here, but also a level of serenity many will ever know.

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Northwest Passage.

From Greenland to Kap York
Venture through the Northwest Passage on a journey you wouldn't trade for anything. From remote villages and rugged landscapes to polar bears in their natural habitat, you'll be amazed at the wild beauty.

Stanley Harbour.

East Falklands
Home to many shipwrecks, the remains of three can still be seen. Discover the stories of these misadventures, and others that are hidden far below the surface.

Dog sledding.

Lapland, Scandinavia
These pups are eager to let loose as they take you on the ride of your life. Whip through the snow-covered tundra and yip along with delight as the dogs take you on extraordinary adventure.

Featured tours.

A waterfall during sunrise.

Iceland: Land of Fire and Ice

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