Mother Nature does not disappoint in South America. The continent is bursting with natural phenomenon, from volcanoes and waterfalls to rainforests and glaciers. And the culture, people and flavours are just as exciting.

Must-see sights.

There are so many places to visit, but no matter which you choose, be prepared for adventure, stunning scenery, mouth-watering cuisine and warm hospitality.

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Canopy Walkway

The Amazon Rainforest
Get the best views from the treetops and an experience to remember. This is one of the world's longest canopy walkways and offers a perfect vantage point to take in the rainforest's Amazon wildlife and natural vegetation.

Angel Falls

A sight to behold, this mammoth waterfall is the world's highest uninterrupted waterfall. It drops almost one kilometre over the edge of the Auyán-tepui Mountain in Canaima National Park. You might have to crane your neck to get a good glimpse.

Geyser del Tatio

A geothermal field in the Andes mountains, the geysers erupt on the regular to create plumes of white steam. For the best viewing of the spectacle, get up early to watch at 6 a.m. as the sun rises.

Featured tours.

Galapagos Northern Loop Cruise with Machu Picchu

16 days | Celebrity Cruises

Highlights: Quito, Baltra Island, Black Turtle Cove, Santa Cruz, Rabida Island, Egas Port, Santiago, Tagus Cove, Isabela Island, Espinoza Point, Fernandina Island, Urvina Bay, Isabela Island, Vicente Roca Point, Bartolome Island, Las Bachas, Santa Cruz Island, Daphne Island, El Barranco, Genovesa, Darwin Bay, Puerto Ayora, Lima/Cuzco, Sacred Valley, Peru, Machu Picchu

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Classic South America

12 days | Luxury Gold

Highlights: Santiago, Chile, Valparaiso, Chile; Beunos Aires, Argentina; Iguassu Falls, Argentina; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Copacabana Beach, Brazil; Sugarloaf Mountain; Ipanema Beach, Brazil; Corcovado, Brazil; Trem do Corcovado, Christ the Redeemer, Brazil

Ask us about additional savings and benefits for CAA Members!

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