Travelling with Pets

Keep your pets safe while travelling. Plan ahead with helpful tips and resources, including locating pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, attractions and more (even dog parks!).

What to Pack

  • Carrier or crate
  • Food and water dishes
  • Blanket or other bedding
  • Ample supply of food, with a few day’s extra
  • Litter supplies, including scooper and bags
  • Medications and health certificates, if necessary
  • A recent photograph and written description of your pet
  • Harness and collar, with ID tags including your contact numbers

Pet Travel by Air

  • Don’t feed your pet less than four hours before departure
  • Have a veterinarian examine your pet at least 10 days before departure
  • Find out if – and where - your pet is allowed to fly with the airline you’ve booked with
  • Understand that a plane’s cargo hold is often not cooled or heated before takeoff
  • Sick or pregnant pets, and those either very young or very old, should not fly.
  • Secure to the pet carrier the name, address and contact numbers for your destination, as well as your home contact information
  • Cats, and long-nosed and snub-nosed dogs can experience severe respiratory problems in a plane’s cargo hold, and should travel only with their owner in the passenger cabin