Why is this a good idea?

It's about protecting yourself. Make the right choice when you buy a used vehicle by spotting trouble before you close the deal.

It's also the law. Any newly-purchased vehicle, whether it's used or brand new, must have a valid provincial safety inspection certificate (called a Certificate of Inspection or COI in Manitoba) before it can be registered.

An auto mechanic working under the hood of a car.

The requirements of a standard provincial safety inspection involve examining the steering, suspension, brakes, exhaust and other vehicle components.

But a Pre–Purchase Inspection performed by one of CAA’s Approved Auto Repair Services® (AARS™) facilities goes above and beyond the standard provincial safety inspection. A Pre–Purchase Inspection looks deeper into the vehicle to identify potential problems, particularly in the power train. CAA recommends a Pre–Purchase Inspection at three key stages:

  • Before buying a used vehicle
  • Before your warranty expires
  • Before any major repairs
An auto mechanic changing the oil filter under the hood of a car.

Where do I go for an inspection?

You can get a Pre–Purchase Inspection or a standard provincial safety inspection at one of our select Approved Auto Repair Services (AARS) facilities located throughout Manitoba.


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CAA Vehicle Inspection Service.

Offered at our AARS automotive Winnipeg locations, as well as across Manitoba.

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