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Extraordinary Explorations

Castles, Coastlines & Culture

12 Days

April 21 - May 2, 2020

Solo EsCAApes.
Extraordinary Explorations

Croatia - Dalmatian Coast Adventure

12 Days

September 17 - 28, 2020

Solo EsCAApes.
Extraordinary Explorations

Lighthouses, Lobster & Green Gables

11 Days

August 30 - September 9, 2020

Solo EsCAApes.
Extraordinary Explorations

Portuguese Elegance on the Douro

14 Days

November 8 - 21, 2020

The Land Down Under: Australia

September 12 - 29, 2020


from $11,899*

Enjoy an exciting journey down under, as we travel to the beautiful South Pacific. Experience the best of Australia with vibrant, cosmopolitan cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Cairns. Boasting everything from arid deserts in the outback to colourful coral reefs, kangaroos, koalas and penguins, this area continues to lure nature enthusiasts and bucket list experience seekers from all over the world! Your unforgettable journey filled with life-changing experiences starts here.

Costa Rica - Wild, Untapped, Pristine Nature

November 7 - 18, 2020

Costa Rica.

from $5,899*

Jungle canals. Lagoons. Waterfalls. Natural hot springs. And clouds softly floating above a volcano’s peak. This AMA-hosted tour welcomes travelers who love gentle adventure and respect the majesty of nature. Expect to find yourself climbing the canopy of a cloud forest, sunning yourself on a boat while watching the shoreline for monkeys, delving into biological reserves, and discovering a world hidden from view with every step of every hike.


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