We are obsessed with Member safety.

The Drive You Home program is a Member benefit for a non-mechanical road emergency. If you are unable to drive due to sudden illness or accident, call 204-262-6000 and CAA can take you and your car home. Note: In order to receive service, the roadside service provider will need to see your photo ID.

Drive You Home features include:

  • Member is covered for the same distance as a tow, based on their membership level
  • Counts as one of your annual service calls; limit of one call per membership year
  • Only one Member and their car gets taken home
  • If other persons are present, CAA will assist in making arrangements to help them home (i.e. Call Taxi)
  • Calls will be prioritized based on needs and safety
  • Not available for recreational vehicles

Some examples include:

  • Broken glasses
  • Sudden illness
  • Medical treatment
  • A sprained ankle