Vehicle Eligibility

As Canada's largest roadside assistance club, CAA provides 24/7 roadside service to a vast array of vehicles. To check that your specific vehicle is covered and serviceable by our technicians, check your vehicle type by clicking on the appropriate tab below.
Red, white and blue vehicles in a parking lot.

Passenger Vehicles

These are motor vehicles designed or adapted primarily to carry people on highways and streets. They seat a driver and no more than eight passengers.

Services Provided:

  • Service Calls per year – 4 for Classic or
    Plus Membership
  • Towing – Classic: Up to 10 km free
    Plus: Up to 200 km free
  • Battery Service
  • Locksmith Service – Classic: $50 coverage
    Plus: $100 coverage 
  • Lockout Service
  • Extrication
  • Flat Tire Service
  • Emergency Gas Delivery – Classic: Gas charge
    Plus: No gas charge
  • Bike Assist™

Eligible Vehicles

Passenger vehicle

Passenger Vehicles

Most cars, SUVs, station wagons, vans and some pickup trucks are passenger vehicles.

Classic vintage vehicle

Classic/Vintage Vehicles

Vehicles classified as model year 1987 and older. 

Lowered modified vehicle

Lowered/Modified Vehicles

Tow truck driver will determine eligibility upon arriving at the scene.

Ineligible Vehicles

Vehicles used for commercial purposes are not eligible for service.



Limousines are not covered as these vehicles are used for commercial purposes.

Taxis/Ubers/Lyft vehicles

Taxis/Ubers/Lyft Vehicles

Taxis and vehicles being used for ride-hailing services are not covered as these vehicles are used for commercial purposes.