Vehicle Eligibility

As Canada's largest roadside assistance club, CAA provides 24/7 roadside service to a vast array of vehicles. To check that your specific vehicle is covered and serviceable by our technicians, check your vehicle type by clicking on the appropriate tab below.
Red, white and blue vehicles in a parking lot.


Vans that carry passengers and are not being used for commercial purposes are usually considered eligible for CAA Manitoba service.

  • Service Calls per year – 4 for Basic or
    Plus Membership
  • Towing – Basic: Up to 10 km free
    Plus: Up to 200 km free
  • Battery Service
  • Locksmith Service – Basic: $50 coverage
    Plus: $100 coverage
  • Lockout Service
  • Extrication
  • Flat Tire Service
  • Emergency Gas Delivery – Basic: Gas charge
    Plus: No gas charge

Eligible Vehicles

Passenger van

Passenger Vans

A van that carries passengers, such as a minivan. This is a small box-shaped van that usually has removable seats and is used as a family car.

Ineligible Vehicles

Service for the types of vehicles below normally requires heavy-duty, specialized equipment that is not always available throughout the CAA Manitoba service area and elsewhere in North America. Vehicles used for commercial purposes are not eligible for service.

Raised-roof passenger vans

Raised-roof Vans

Select raised-roof vans are covered by CAA Plus® RV or CAA Premier® RV coverage, as long as it is not being used for commercial purposes.

Cargo van

Cargo Vans

Cab-and-chassis type truck (Aero cells)

Cab-and-chassis Type Trucks
(e.g., Aero cells)

Cab-and-chassis type truck (cube vans)

Cab-and-chassis Type Trucks
(Cube Vans)

Raised-roof cargo van

Raised-roof Cargo Vans