Emergency Road Service

Help When You Need It

Your coverage for towing services will depend on your level of Membership. Full details are available in the Automotive Benefits section of our Member Benefits and Services Guide.

Note: You must be at or near your vehicle when the driver arrives. In order to receive service, the roadside service provider will also need to see your photo ID.
(CAA will accommodate you in extenuating circumstances).

When requesting Road Service, CAA Manitoba will want to know:

  • Your membership number
  • Location and description of the disabled vehicle
  • Type of problem requiring assistance (example, won’t start, stuck, flat tire)
  • Phone number where you can be reached 10 minutes before service arrives
  • Tow destination if required

Emergency numbers are also listed on the back of your Membership card for your convenience.

Need a Rescue?

For Emergency Road Service in Winnipeg:
Call 204–262–6000

Elsewhere in Manitoba, Canada or the US:
Call 1–800–CAA–HELP (1–800–222–4357)

Cell users can call *222® (*CAA®), toll–free, anywhere in North America.