Most Trusted Brand
Since 1903, we've worked on being a force of good in all the communities we serve. We believe that looking out for others is the most important thing a company can do. That's why we established the first roadside assistance program and continue to advocate for the safety of motorists, cyclists and pedestrians alike every single day.

Driven by those who choose good.

Whether it's a person who shovels their neighbour's driveway before their own, a traveller who helps a stranger handle their heavy luggage or an early-morning commuter who helps the environment by carpooling, we're driven by all of you who, when given the choice, choose good every single time.

Let’s create a world of good.

Call someone

Wellness check-ins for at-risk Members

When our stores were closed at the beginning of the pandemic due to a province-wide lockdown, we redeployed our retail Associates to call and check on Members aged 80 and older to see if they required any help.
Wallet and money

We’re keeping your costs down

Inflation is straining everyone’s wallets. To give new and existing Members some relief, we are temporarily freezing membership fees.
Tow truck

Innovating new ways to help Members even more

New predictive technology, developed by our CEO, Jay Woo, anticipates roadside events before they even happen, so we can put tow trucks where they are most likely to be needed by our Members.

Everyday heroes

We’re proud to celebrate the people who go above and beyond to make the world a better place. Whether they’re an Associate, Member or even the neighbour next door, our heroes are the people who always put others first.

Peas in a pod


We believe in the importance of community and strive to make life better for all. We don’t distinguish between large-scale initiatives, like advocating for safer neighbourhoods, or small-scale, like supporting a Member through a difficult time.


Created for good

We’re always innovating new ways to make our neighbourhoods safe. We also anticipate our Members’ needs, and develop real solutions for wherever life takes them.